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Video: CXOs sound off on the critical challenges facing IoT, big data, and the cloud

ZDNet's Jason Hiner interviewed CXOs at a San Francisco roundtable on IoT, big data, and the cloud. Here are the biggest challenges they anticipate in the coming years.

IoT, big data, and the cloud: The critical challenges

ZDNet hosted a lively roundtable discussion with CXOs in San Francisco in February. The topic was the intersection of the Internet of Things, big data, and the cloud. We talked about the big opportunities, but we also talked about the critical challenges. In the video above, we've rounded up best comments on those challenges.

You can watch the video to hear their insights. The four leaders featured in the video are:

  1. Mickey McManus, Maya, Chairman
  2. Cliff Moser, Kaiser Permanente, Director
  3. Reza Raji, Juggle Labs, Founder
  4. Jim Hunter, Greenwave Systems, Chief Scientist
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