Video: Introduction to Design for Lifetime from Autodesk

Watch Autodesk's video outlining a sustainable design process.

Introduction to Design for Lifetime is a fitting followup to last week's decoding design eco-buzzwords post. The video provides an easy to follow outline for incorporating big picture thinking (i.e. sustainability) into the design process. Although created for product designers, the lessons can be applied to building designers as well.

The main steps of their process are:
1. From the start, looking at the whole system and getting other perspectives
2. Prioritizing, assessing, and minimizing life-cycle impacts
3. Again, looking at the whole system to brainstorm a variety of solutions beyond the obvious
4. Using cost, performance, environmental and social impact metrics to evaluate and choose solutions
5. Repeating steps one through four

The video is a part of Autodesk's Sustainability Workshop which provides free resources to teach sustainable process and practice in architecture, design and engineering.

Via: Autodesk Sustainability Workshop

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