Video: Machine scoops up, deposits ketchup -- in same shape

This must be seen to be believed. The Japanese robotic hand SWITL can scoop up a splotch of ketchup and then set it back down again -- all without changing its shape.

This falls under the category of "so jaw-dropping it must be shared."

This Japanese robotic hand called SWITL can scoop up, say, a splotch of ketchup and then set it back down again -- all without changing the ketchup's shape.

In fact, take any semi-liquid such as mayonnaise (and probably mustard, barbecue sauce, aioli or your condiment of choice), finger paint with it as much as you like, and the SWITL looks like it will pick up and set down your artwork intact.

You just have to see it to believe it:

The manufacturer, Furukawa Kikou, says SWITL is made with a Teflon sheet covering a sliding plate. The plate slides out, the Teflon sheet scoops up the semi-liquid, and when the plate slides back in, the Teflon sheet leaves the substance in its original shape.

Already, SWITL is being used to neatly fold and package sliced meat -- a task that normally requires human hands.

I look forward to seeing what this technology could be used for in the future. I bet parents of toddlers, artists and waiters could think of some applications. Junior squirts mustard on the dining table? SWITL it up and place it on his burger. A budding Picasso makes a mayo masterpiece? She can SWITL it into her next installation. A disgruntled waiter -- actually, I don't want to think about what waiters could do with this.

Do you have any suggestions?

Via: Daily Mail

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