Video: Obama's 'Beast' car gets stuck on ramp in Dublin

Video: The President's GM-manufactured Cadillac becomes 'beached' on a ramp at the US Embassy in Dublin, on his historic visit to the Republic of Ireland.

You can have one of the most protective cars in the world, offering bomb-proof features, bullet-proof glass, reinforced tyres, its own oxygen supply, and on-board communications to rival that of the White House.

But as is usually the case, all it takes is the tiniest of things to bring down a beast.

A ramp at the US Embassy in Dublin caused the President's car to 'beach', causing the crowds waiting outside to gasp in surprise.

It is not the first time the 'Beast' has caused problems for the President. Last year, during a trip to London, the presidential car was filmed struggling to execute a three-point turn in Downing Street, home of the British Prime Minister.

The BBC reports that the President or Mrs. Obama were in the car when it became stuck, but subsequently left through another exit shortly after.