Video: Recording the global fresh water crisis

Circle of Blue's J. Carl Ganter spoke to me about the global water shortage and why he is traveling with top journalists and scientists to tell the most important story of the planet: the fresh water crisis.

When J. Carl Ganter took photos for National Geographic, he would stay with his subjects for an intimate glimpse into their lives. Today he's busy putting faces to the global water crisis.

Ganter is the managing director of Circle of Blue, an organization that uses journalists and scientists to report on global water issues. Recently, I spoke to Ganter at the Compass Summit in Los Angeles.

At the conference, Ganter told me that we face a global fresh water crisis right now. It's complicated. It's a health issue -- children die when they don't have access to clean drinking water.

Water runs through our economies. Without water, we wouldn't have silicon chips, the ability to generate energy, or supply agriculture with enough water for food.

Without water, our economies and lives are at stake. Some stories Gartner shared with me included his trip to Australia to capture the drought and his journey to China to find out how the country's growth might impact the supply of water.

Photo: J. Carl Ganter/Circle of Blue

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