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Could domesticating smart technology transform the experience of aging?
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The home of the future is programmed to meet our every need. In this cocoon-like space, the air and the light gently modulates and the furniture softly shapes itself to our bodies. In fact, the space is so inviting and unobtrusive that we re-enter a primordial state and forget that we have any bodily needs at all.

Well, you get my point. Exaggerations aside, the home of the future really does incorporate smart technologies in eerie yet exciting ways.

Alan Rapp at Wired Design checked out the 2012 International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City. Over 500 exhibitors were showcasing contemporary designs - including one-of-a-kind 3-D printed lamps, 100% paper furniture, and prototypes of dynamic furniture systems for an aging population (including haptic grip controls).

MIT engineering graduates created printing algorithms to built biomorpic forms for lampshades and jewelry.

"The house of the future actually is going to have robots," Rapp says. "But they are not going to be like servants, they are going to be more integrated into the skin of the structure itself."

Rapp takes us on a tour of the fair, highlighting the Virginia Tech School of Architecture and Design research into dynamic new building skins:

[via: Wired Design]

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