VideoLogic PowerVR card whips up support

VideoLogic today launched an NEC PowerVR chip-based graphics card aimed squarely at arcade games enthusiasts.

The Apocalypse 3D card (£160 + VAT) will be available from November, bundled with PowerSGL and DirectX drivers, and two games. The card has already received the support of Compaq and NEC who are installing it in their respective home PCs.

The Apocalypse 3D card boasts 4Mb of synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) and is targetted at power users. "We're positioning it above the current crop of 3D cards," said Kevin Dale, VideoLogic sales and marketing manager. "This is an arcade card for high-quality game play."

In a Microsoft Direct3D benchmark test the card showed a significant performance leap on other 3D cards, according to the firm. Graphics card specialist Diamond Multimedia has shown interest in the architecture and software companies including Sega, Activision, Gremlin and Mindscape have also endorsed it. Around 45 software titles are planned for release over the next few months.

VideoLogic will make the architecture available to other companies this month. "Expect an announcement of a large European OEM in the next few months," said Dale.

VideoLogic can be contacted by telephone on 01923-260511.