Videos claiming to show off iPhone 6 appear in China

A Chinese netizen posted pictures and video of the suspected next-generation iPhone on Sina Weibo on Saturday, showing off the features of the iOS 8 system, health app as well as the smooth screen unlocked through Touch ID.

A Sina Weibo account suddenly became a hot property on Saturday as the blogger posted a series of photos and video to demonstrate he has obtained the next-generation iPhone, ahead its official launched on September 9. 

The photos and video were impressive enough that most of the Chinese netizens who are normally immune to these kinds of "revelations" over the past few months admit that this kit is very likely to be a real iPhone 6.

In a video posted by the blogger under the name "Rui Ji", who is certified as a corporate manager of a trade company in Shanghai by Sina Weibo, a man is holding a smartphone, who intentionally showcased the upcoming iOS 8 system.

The man says in the video: "Hello, I am Rui Ji from Sina Weibo. (Showing the screen) Guess what's this smartphone? It's September 6 today. (Unlocking the screen) Eh, what’s this?"

Other photos posted by the account showed the Apple ID log-in screen to connect to an online app store to download the Sina Weibo app. 




In the "About the phone”" screen, the photo shows the full capacity of the kit is "56 GB", running under an "8.0 (12A365)" operating system, and the carrier is "China Unicom 17.0". A thumb in the picture intentionally covered the serial number of the smartphone.


The following three photos indicate the smartphone is running the new Health app developed by Apple, with a dashboard of all kinds of health data. The app is also able to implant with people's medical emergency cards, according to the third photo.


In other tweets, the Weibo accounts posted several photos by comparing the new phone with an Apple's iPhone 5S. To prove the originality, these photos all came with a sticker, with the name of the blogger on it.


In another 7-min-long Youtube video, a Mandarin-speaking gentleman also shows a suspected next-generation iPhone, which runs similar iOS 8 system and its screen is able to get unlocked through Touch ID.

Some netizens comment that the smartphone in the video is "too good to be fake", while others argue it could still be a knockoff as Chinese factories are known for making up everything.