ViewSonic announces $200 ViewPad 7e Android tablet

ViewSonic's 7e is the latest tablet to rival the Kindle Fire for the 7-inch market.

With the Kindle Fire and Kobo Vox, the $200 tablet space is becoming far more populated recently. And ViewSonic is adding to it.

The company annoucned on Tuesday the ViewPad 7e, a $200 tablet. Featuring a 7-inch screen, 1-GHz procesor, 4GB of storage, an expandable microSD slot, and a massive, massive bezel, the ViewPad 7e may not turn heads, but at $200 perhaps it doesn't have to.

With its size and price point, the 7e will be pitted against some pretty hefty competitors this holiday season. Amazon's Kindle Fire, Kobo's Vox and even Lenovo with its similarly-priced IdeaPad A1 all have a stake in the 7-inch space. Clearly, ViewSonic has some work ahead of it.

The ViewPad 7e launches at the end of October in North America.