Vinod's views on green car tech of future

Vinod Khosla looks at what he expects to happen in cars and energy.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor on

At a recent Going Green West conference Vinod Khosla was keynote speaker: Electric cars won't become a globally successful product unless battery prices drop by a factor of 10. India and China are the countries with the fastest growing car fleets.

Khosla's putting his money, literally, into companies working on ways to cut the fuel needs of more traditional combustion engines.

Cellulosic ethanol could be cheaper than gasoline within five years.

Khosla also likes to think of CO2 being turned into a cement-substitute.

AlwaysOn which sponsored the Khosla speech at their conference has named 100 top green companies of the year. You can find the whole list here.

Vinod Khosla's VC firm is one of the largest investors in various cleantech firms.

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