Vinyl and MP3 team up against CDs

Vinyl might outlast CDs, says a London Net radio station -- it's just too cool to die.
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

A London-based Net radio station believes that even if MP3 kills off CD, good old-fashioned vinyl will never die. In a quirky marketing move the station will sell vinyl alongside MP3 tracks from its new online shop.

Director of InterFACE Radio Stephen Clee claims people are getting a too carried away with MP3 and are forgetting there is nothing quite like the feel of a traditional 12-inch record. "Everyone is selling MP3 on the Internet but vinyl doesn't seem to be anywhere," he says. "I think CDs will definitely go out the window but we know there is a demand for vinyl, especially as more and more people are DJing these days."

InterFACE Radio broadcasts a mix of UK house and hip-hop. It receives around 16,000 hits per hour and its music store will go online in September.

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