Virgin Airlines offers free trip into space to top frequent flier

Talk about the ultimate frequent-flier incentive.

Talk about the ultimate frequent-flier incentive. Virgin Airlines -- part of Richard Branson's transportation empire that includes Virgin Galactic -- is offering a free trip into space to the customer who racks up the most frequent-flier points.

Jason Koebler of US News & World Report says that the company's promotion is running until August 7, 2013. "Whoever accumulates the most points by that date will win a free flight aboard the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo space plane. The second-place winner will get a free zero-gravity flight aboard a modified airplane here on Earth."

Registration through the Virgin Airlines website is required.

Virgin Galactic is reportedly scheduled to begin offering suborbital flights to the edge of space by the end of next year. A total of 520 people have purchased seats on early flights, at about $200,000 a piece.

(Photo: Virgin Galactic.)

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