Virgin Net gets unmetered

Virgin has a stab at unmetered access, but only for existing customers

ISP Virgin Net finally climbed aboard the unmetered Internet bandwagon Wednesday, launching around the clock unmetered access for 10,000 existing customers at £15 per month.

The service, Stoptheclock, will reach the 10,000 users first as part of a trial rollout. In July Virgin intends to open the service to non-Virgin customers.

In a statement, Alex Heath, Virgin Net managing director said: "Once again, the Virgin brand has delivered a simple, straightforward solution in an increasingly fragmented market. We are extremely confident that this package will deliver a commercially profitable, high quality and consumer friendly Internet package".

Virgin's has, however, lagged behind a number of smaller companies in offering unmetered access. According to a spokesman, this is to do with ensuring a high-quality service for customers. "A lot of companies have fallen down on not being able to deliver and as a brand, we can't afford to do that. We've taken a considered approach."