Virtual desktop infrastructure's failure to launch (Podcast)

Virtual desktop infrastructure is not the market bull once predicted. Derek Smith of Orchard Parc and I discuss the reasons behind the big costs, big disappointments, and small returns on VDI deployments.

Orchard Parc's Derek Smith, VP of Business Development at Orchard Parc, and I had a chance to connect and talk about virtual desktop infrastructure's (VDI's) failure to launch in this 27 minute podcast. Derek has been in the IT business for many years, has worked for VMware, and has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of VDI deployments.

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Podcast Info: Format: MP3 Length: 27:18 min. Rating: G for all audiences

Listen to the podcast here.

During the podcast, Derek Smith and I discuss what went wrong with VDI, why it has fallen short of early market predictions, and why it will perhaps never become the technology behemoth that analysts once touted as "the next big thing".

Orchard Parc develops the Orchard Parc Unified System, or OPUS, designed to leverage and extend the capabilities of the Apple Mac with the benefits of enterprise class virtual infrastructure and cloud services. Orchard Parc's goal is to help companies and IT professionals address the new challenges faced when integrating, securing, and managing Macs and other consumer technologies in the corporate workplace.

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