Virtual newsreader brought to life

Watch out Trevor MacDonald, Ananova has arrived...

The world's first computer-generated newsreader on Wednesday began presenting around-the-clock news over the Internet.

The creators of this digital newsreader at Ananova Ltd. say they took their inspiration from the combined charms of Kylie Minogue, Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham and Carol Vorderman.

They apparently believe that this awe-inspiring mixture of talent and personality is the perfect recipe for a flawless news presenter.

Apart from not requiring a dressing-room and a six-figure salary, Ananova also has the benefit of being able to present the news 24 hours without a break and never needs to powder her nose.

Chief Executive of the Press Association, which was also been involved in developing Ananova, Robert Simpson obviously believes this eclectic mix has extraordinary potential. He says in a statement, "Ananova is a ground breaking concept. She has already captured the imagination of people world-wide."

The first words uttered by Ananova, who was officially 'brought to life' Tuesday, do however show evidence of a fiery personality. They were: "Hello world! Here is the news -- and this time it's personal."

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