Virtual school may get only virtual funds

State government unsure how to evaluate whether school will meet standards.

Plans for a virtual school in Gillette, Wyo., have been scuttled on the grounds that it wouldn't qualify for state funding as there is no precedence for such a school, reports the Star Tribune.

"It's just a setback, and we're hoping we can still make it work," said Ed Weber, assistant superintendent of the Campbell County School District.

The virtual school is aimed at home-schooled students and students who want or need to supplement their schooling. The school would have certified teachers with parents acting as instructional assistants.

Unfortunately, there are no rules or regulations for a virtual school so the groundwork needs to be laid before any grants are given out.

"There is an awful lot of disagreement as to what would constitute a virtual school and how you would guarantee that every student would receive an equal opportunity. We are not even sure we have the authority to give permission for virtual schools," said Mary Kay Hill, director of the administration unit at the Wyoming Department of Education.

A task force has been assemble to investigate legal, financial and instructional issues associated with virtual schools, delaying the start date.