Virus-borne adware

Computer Associates announced a 6.9 million dollar contract to protect Department of Defense computers from spyware. reports that a virus masquerading as the iTunes installer file sneaks four adware applications onto infected computer systems. The online uproar against adware and spyware evolved because of tricks such as drive-by installs and undisclosed third-party downloads. This latest trick install, using a virus spread over AIM, shows just how underhanded adware makers have become. But the solution should be simple. The FBI has tracked virus writers before. Now that viruses are dropping adware, it should be easy to apprehend all the people involved. First arrest the adware makers, as they bear some responsibility, and find out who they have been paying to distribute their adware.

In other news, Intermix settled its suit with New York state, getting off pretty cheaply with a 7.9 million dollar pay off. Intermix also ceased adware distribution, which makes News Corp.'s acquisition of the company a non-story on the spyware front, in my opinion.