Virus fears topple Microsoft from home office software top spot

PC users protect themselves with anti-virus software following LoveBug worm scares

The recent outbreak of the LoveBug computer worm appears to have helped push beleaguered software giant Microsoft from the top spot of the home office software market, according to figures released last week.

Computer security company Symantec now tops the chart. Symantec includes Norton's anti-virus suite in its catalogue.

Symantec's market share for April 2000 stood at 24% compared to Microsoft's 22.5%. Network Associates follows in bronze position with 12%.

Symantec admits that growing concern about computer viruses and malicious hackers has probably helped its cause no end. "PC users are recognising the threat that unauthorised surfing, viruses and hacking poses -- like the recent LoveBug virus -- and are now empowering themselves," says Symantec's marketing director Kevin Chapman.

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