Virus Round-up: Treble trouble

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Viruses, it seems, are the latest class of thing to be "just like buses" -- nothing for ages and then three come at once. Last week the MSBlast worm assaulted many networks and wreaked havoc on a lot of PCs. This week, the Welchia worm -- which is actually supposed to remove MSBlast -- arrived and began causing additional problems. And now a new version of the old Sobig mass-mailing worm has begun infecting many systems with its own brand of mischief.

Windows patches may become automatic
As the MSBlast worm makes it clear that something must be done about insecure PCs, Microsoft has said this may be the time to take more control of the Windows update mechanism

Worm and virus overload networks
Corporate networks worldwide are struggling under the double burden of the "good" MSBlast variant and a new version of the malicious Sobig email virus

Sobig virus 'biggest epidemic yet'
Sobig represents the largest worldwide virus infection to date, judging by the volume of email blocked by Internet service providers

Sobig.F is 'worst variant yet'
The early evidence is that the Sobig.F virus is spreading across file-swapping networks as well as by email, putting both businesses and consumers at risk

Microsoft shuts down Update address
Microsoft says it has permanently killed the Windows Update Web site targeted by the MSBlast worm

Features and analysis

Networks must counter triple threat Three security threats have taken turns wreaking havoc in the past few weeks. How should MSBlast,Welchia and Sobig be handled?

Squashing the next worm
Another virus, another epidemic - but experts say it could have been worse

Code mishmash drives MSBlast
The MSBlast virus gains power from the piecemeal nature of its attack

Help/How to

Preventing and removing the Nachi worm
This worm tries to fix MSBlast infections but leaves open another serious vulnerability - find out how to protect yourself or deal with an infection

Sobig.F prevention and cure
A new variant of the Sobig virus, which caused chaos earlier this year, is spreading worldwide

Cleaning up after the MSBlast worm
How to rid your system of the latest fast-spreading worm

Protecting yourself from the MSBlast worm
What to do about a worm exploiting widely publicised holes in Microsoft Windows