Vista dropped for Windows 7 midway through upgrades

Several UK businesses that had begun to upgrade their systems to Microsoft's Vista OS are switching to Windows 7 before the installation is complete.

Some businesses that are partway through upgrading to Windows Vista are asking to swap the OS for Windows 7, according to Microsoft.

Speaking at the London launch of Windows 7 today John Curran, the Microsoft exec who until recently headed up the Windows client group in the UK, said: "This is the first time that we have had customers talking about slipstreaming the deployment of one OS into another version, so they started with Vista and continue with Windows 7."

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This would mean machines that have already been upgraded would keep the Vista OS but that Windows 7 would be installed on machines during future upgrades.

Businesses have been reluctant to install Vista because of software compatibility problems and its powerful demands on hardware and, as a result, it is installed on only about 15 per cent of business PCs in the UK.

Windows 7 is already proving more popular, there are already 10 large companies in the UK which have begun the process of deploying Windows 7 on a total of 300,000 machines, according to Microsoft.

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