Vista: Ready for a new day

Roundup of the latest news and tech tips on Windows Vista which is shipping to businesses, but will be available to consumers only in January.

Microsoft launched the long overdue refresh of Windows amid much fanfare to corporate types in November. CEO Steve Ballmer hailed both Windows Vista and Office 2007 as the biggest product releases since Windows 95.

The oft-delayed operating system met with several obstacles before it shipped out of Redmond's campus. Antitrust concerns from the European Union, as well as opposition from security vendors on Vista's security console, were just some of the roadblocks that stood in Microsoft's way.

Not surprisingly, for all its hard work, Microsoft expects businesses to embrace its newborn OS speedily. But like any other new platform, it takes time for IT organizations to do a proper cost-benefit analysis before taking the plunge.

As Windows Vista trickles into business premises, continue to check this space for the latest updates as Microsoft delivers the product into the hands of consumers in January 2007. By then, Microsoft is expected to reveal more about end-user services such as Windows Live.

Microsoft denies flaw in Vista
Microsoft confirms that Vista can be affected by malware from 2004, but argues this is not a flaw in the operating system.
December 5, 2006

Microsoft reaches limit on Vista, Office giveaway
A legitimate Microsoft-run site has exhausted free copies of both titles given to those who watched at least three Web-based seminars on each of the new products.
December 4, 2006

Ballmer: Vista's ready for business
Vista may be ready for businesses, but are businesses ready for it?
December 1, 2006

Microsoft isn't done with Vista yet
CEO Steve Ballmer says there is more work to be done in future iterations of Windows
December 1, 2006

Vista vulnerable to malware from 2004
The new OS may be vulnerable to at least three pieces of widespread malware, two of which date back to 2004 , according to security vendor Sophos.
December 1, 2006

Most security tools not quite ready for Vista
Most security companies look like they need more time to deliver tools to protect the new operating system.
December 1, 2006

Windows Vista: Start planning now
Businesses need to start planning now for moving to Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system even if they don't plan to actually migrate until 2008, according to industry experts.
November 30, 2006

Virtualization not 'mature' for consumers
Consumers cannot run home versions of Windows Vista as virtual machines because virtualization is not mature enough for broad adoption, says Microsoft.
November 23, 2006

US Justice Dept: Vista satisfies antitrust deal
Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system does not appear to raise antitrust concerns, federal and state prosecutors said in a court filing.
November 22, 2006

Is Vista security a selling point?
New security features in Windows Vista will help consumers become "secure enough," but businesses are unlikely to abandon their current levels of additional security
November 21, 2006

EU: Microsoft compliance deadline a week away
Company had until Nov. 23 to provide European antitrust regulators with technical documentation third parties require to make their products interoperate with Microsoft software.
November 17, 2006

Gates: Rivals tried to 'castrate' Vista
Company chairman Bill Gates took a swipe at his rivals, accusing them of attempting to "castrate" Vista before it was shipped.
November 13, 2006

Microsoft's Allchin: Vista won't need antivirus
Co-president Jim Allchin has suggested that some Vista users will not need to run any third-party antivirus software.
November 13, 2006

Szulik: 'There must be problems with Vista'
Red Hat insists it is unperturbed by recent movements from Oracle and Microsoft, which could place the leading Linux seller under increased competitive pressure.
November 9, 2006

Microsoft backs down over Vista licensing
Company backed down over a controversial clause in Windows Vista licensing that would have restricted the ability of users to reinstall their copy of the operating system if they upgraded or changed their PC.
November 7, 2006

Acer: Vista is an excuse for Microsoft price increases
Microsoft is raising the price of its software as it prepares to launch Vista, according to one of the leading PC manufacturers, Acer.
October 30, 2006

Windows Vista sinks into Chinese roots
Microsoft's technology center in China has been working to ensure the new operating system (OS) meets the needs of the world's most populous country.
October 26, 2006

Dell bullish about Vista adoption
Businesses will upgrade to Windows Vista in droves as consumers bring their love of the next-generation operating system from home to work, a Dell executive says.
October 25, 2006

Security rivals shut out of Microsoft meeting
An online Microsoft meeting to discuss Windows Vista changes crashed shortly after it started, and Symantec and McAfee were unable to reconnect.
October 20, 2006

Hasta la Vista, Win XP?
Businesses in Asia are not quite ready to upgrade to Windows Vista, yet, according to Gartner.
October 20, 2006

Vista's last mile
The last stop for Vista is a windowless conference room in Building 26, on Microsoft's sprawling campus in the Seattle suburbs.
November 10, 2006

Keep everything in sync with Vista's Sync Center
A new tool in Vista called Sync Center which is designed to work as a centralized location for all of your synchronization operations.
November 6, 2006

10 things to consider before rolling out Vista
There are some things you need to consider before taking the plunge into Windows Vista.
August 31, 2006

Microsoft security chief looks beyond Vista
The responsibility for protecting Windows systems against ever-increasing threats is in new hands.
June 14, 2006

Allchin: Still worried about Vista
Jim Allchin says there's reason to have hope that Microsoft may yet meet its latest deadline to ship Vista.
May 25, 2006

Is Vista's delay good for the industry?
When it comes to Vista, Microsoft's update to the client version of Windows, sticking to a product shipment schedule has been a recurring problem.
March 23, 2006

Will your PC keep pace with Vista?
How does Windows Vista love thy computer? Let it count the ways.
March 16, 2006