Visual proof that the iPod is on the way out

Apple drops the 'iPod' from iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S.

Want proof that the iPod is on the way out and that the iPhone and iPad is where it's at? Take a look at this:

I was at the gym earlier today and I needed some tunes to motivate me to bang out my squats and deadlifts, so I dug my iPhone out of my gym bag and went for the familiar 'iPod' icon (an icon I reach for so often I instinctively knew where it was ... muscle memory is a cool thing!) ... only to find that it was nowhere to be seen. For a second I started to panic, thinking that my iOS 5 update had somehow gone wrong but then I saw the 'Music' icon. I hesitantly tapped it and the familiar 'iPod' controls appeared.


That's right. The 'iPod' icon is no more. It's no longer present on the iPhone 4S and it's not on any iOS 5 powered device. It's gone. History. Goodbye.

The decade-long reign of the iPod is coming to a close.


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