Visualize your street as its own world

Your block becomes its own planet -- as it rightfully should be -- with a hack that contorts Google Maps streetview through a fisheye lens.
Written by Hannah Waters, Weekend Editor on

Ever feel like your block or neighborhood is the center of the universe? Now, with a little help from Ryan Alexander and his Stereographic Streetview, you can visualize your street as its own little planet.

Alexander's hack twists images from Google Maps streetview, as if through a fisheye lens, warping the street into its own picturesque planet. And then, with just a drag of the mouse, you can reshape the vision into a swirling metropolis reaching to the sky, or navigate the city with a punch of the arrow key through a new set of eyes.

And its this new set of eyes that makes the Stereographic Streetview so compelling. It allows you to reimagine your mundane block or even the most glorious landmark afresh.

One warning: before you know it, hours will have passed and screenshots amassed. But is there any better way to spend a lazy Saturday?

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Image: Screenshot

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