Visualizing our urbanized world [infographic]

A new map shows just how much we like to cluster together in cities.

Here's visual proof that us humans like to cluster in cities.

A new map (click the image to view its full size) by Boston-based Fathom Information Design shows just how much we (more than half of us) like to live near one another in urban spaces.

To understand the map, called "Dencity," notice that it's full of colorful circles. The areas of the planet with a lower population density have larger circles with darker colors, while the higher population densities have smaller circles with brighter colors. It's a bit counter-intuitive at first with small circles representing large populations and vice versa, but it does a good job of helping us visualize the population density of a place -- a nice reminder that we could all live comfortably in a Texas-sized city . Here's how China, the country with the world's largest city, is represented:

Contrast that with the U.S., and it's no wonder, with our unsustainable development patterns, that our total annual carbon emissions rival China's, even though we have more than 1 billion fewer people.

Image: Fathom

[Via Co.Design]

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