Viva las gadgets: CES comes to town

Instant messaging goes 3D, Gates reflects on Mira, and a start-up promises robot vacuum cleaners -- just a taste of this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. A ZDNet UK News Focus

Dell: The PC is still king
After the Sony president's claims that the television will be the centre of home networks, Michael Dell defends the role of the PC Intel promotes the wireless home network
The chipmaker continues to promote the versatility and usefulness of the PC, but during a keynote address Intel's chief executive talked up wireless home networks Sony predicts rebirth of television
Television is about to make a comeback as the centre of the home electronics network, Sony believes. It all depends on broadband Start-up offers mass-market robot tech
Evolution Robotics claims that its low-cost navigation system will enable robot devices, such as vacuum cleaners, to be affordable enough for consumers HP joins the digital party
Hewlett-Packard has announced home networking products allowing digital photos and music to be viewed through a television Vulcan gets a grip on mini-PCs
Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is showing a design for a notebook PC that is about the same size as a paperback book Intel and Microsoft push portable video
The chip giant is whipping up reference designs for PVPs, or portable video players, and the software powerhouse is concocting a related OS, called Media2Go Microsoft to fix Mira's cracks
It will be too late for the first buyers but Microsoft's Smart Display technology will get an important upgrade later this year Little things mean a lot for Gates
Microsoft's latest plan to improve the way you live revolves around wrist watches and refrigerator magnets, Bill Gates has revealed in his Consumer Electronics Show keynote speech Instant messaging goes 3D
A California start-up hopes that its instant messaging program - with 3D and emotional avatars - will be the Internet's killer app MontaVista wants to put Linux on your TV
A Linux start-up is to announce software that can be used in consumer electronics from video phones to televisions CES: Gadgets, digital, wireless are key
Tech companies are putting out the big guns in Las Vegas this week, with keynotes from many of the major players and gadgets galore expected to be on show For all the latest videos from the CES show floor, including product demos and keynotes, see ZDNet UK Video.