Vive la 4G: EE and Vodafone put LTE in the Channel Tunnel

UK cross-channel coverage will soon get mobile coverage across the entire length of the tunnel.

Cross-channel travellers will be able to get mobile coverage for the whole length of the Channel Tunnel from the middle of this year.

EE and Vodafone will both be bringing their LTE services to the tunnel from this summer, including for the 35 minute section of the trip where the tunnel passes 100m below the English Channel.

EE also said it will launch 2G and 3G coverage in the south side of the tunnel — the UK side — in March, it announced on Thursday.

Travellers on the French side of the tunnel have had mobile coverage from the country's main operators for some time: Bouyges Telecom, Orange and SFR switched on 2G and 3G coverage in mid-2012 .

EE launched its 4G LTE network in the UK in October 2012, becoming the first mobile operator in the country to do so. It now has two million 4G customers, and covers 160 towns and cities. Vodafone launched its fourth-generation network in August last year , which now covers a handful of cities including London and Manchester. It has yet to give any details on takeup.