VMware View Client adds local USB support

View Client for Mac 1.7 now lets users copy files on the VMware View Desktop to an attached USB thumb drive, or interact with another USB peripheral.

In a Tuesday post at the VMWare End-User Computing Blog, Senior Product Manager Kristina De Nike announced that VMware View Client for Mac 1.7 now can connect with a local USB peripheral, including storage and printers.

Users can copy files from a camera to the View Desktop, or print a file to a connected printer, she wrote. There are limitations: Users can only connect with any device at a time in either the client Mac machine or the remote desktop.

To use this feature, your View administrator must have USB enabled for your View desktop. It is also possible to configure the client system to specify which USB devices can be redirected to a View desktop or to exclude devices.

Most USB devices will be visible in the menu, with the exception of devices such as keyboards and pointing devices, which the local computer and the View desktop already share. Note: webcams and audio device functionality depends on the state of your network and are not reliable in the View desktop.

The Version 1.7 of View Client for Mac was released last week. It can be downloaded here.