Vodafone touts secure remote working

Company's new offering gives users secure and transparent mobile access to their corporate networks

Vodafone has launched a beefed-up remote access offering which it says will give users secure and transparent mobile access to their corporate networks.

Most operators have for years provided data services to their customers but with few assurances.

Speaking at the launch in London, Vodafone UK head of enterprise mobility solutions, David Hughes, said: "Our customers are looking for a level of services over and above what we've been offering."

He added: "Services is a wonderful differentiator if you can crack it."

Vodafone hopes to see multimillion-pound revenues from this offering, called Vodafone Secure Remote Access, within the next three to five years, according to Hughes. The product includes a technology platform as well as consulting services to help businesses roll out and manage the technology.

In developing this service, Vodafone has recruited staff from IT services giants Accenture, Capgemini and IBM.

Vodafone teamed up with mobile working company Fiberlink to create the offering.

Quocirca analyst Rob Bamforth said: "To do this from an operator point of view is a fairly new thing. To my mind, there's a lot of sense behind what [Vodafone's] doing. Simply mobile isn't enough."

He added that revenue from mobile voice services has been on the decline for several years due to competition and price pressure and mobile operators need to adapt with new offerings such as this one.

He said: "There's a recognition that the whole landscape is changing."

Bamforth cited Vodafone's strong brand as a key asset in selling the new offering.

Vodafone partnered with Fiberlink, a provider of a secure mobile platform.