Voice verification for smartphones launched

Unlocking handset with authorized voice is part of the new possibilities of speaker verification technology by Singapore-based Baidu-I2R Research Centre (BIRC), which it says is a world first.

A new speaker verification technology has been launched on smartphones that will allow the voice to be used as a unique identification.

"An authorized user can unlock the smartphone simply by speaking a passphrase, without the need to use PINs, passwords or finger swipe patterns," said a press release Friday by the Baidu-I2R Research Centre (BIRC). It added this was different from current voice recognition software which do not distinguish the identity of the speaker.

The feature will make its debut in Lenovo’s smartphone, Lenovo A586, from 30 Nov. 2012 in China through major telecommunications providers and online shops, it added.

The technology marks a major milestone for BIRC, a joint laboratory between Singapore research agency A*STAR and Chinese search giant Baidu.

BIRC is Baidu’s first overseas joint research and development facility, and officially opened in Singapore in July this year.

Wang Mengqiu, vice president of Baidu, said in an earlier report the feature would be incorporated into its  Baidu Yi mobile operating system (OS) .