Wales gets high-tech jobs boost

A new factory opens in south Wales, creating 300 jobs with many working in research and development

UK PC firm Centerprise International has announced it is to create 300 jobs through the opening of a new factory in Wales.

Centerprise, which is based in the UK's version of the Silicon Valley along the M4 corridor, is opening the plant in Caerphilly, Wales, to increase production and warehouse capacity to meet growing business needs.

Centerprise qualified for a Regional Selective Assistance grant from the Welsh Assembly to open its site in Wales. The company will invest £5m to buy and build on the site located on 17 acres of land at Duffryn Meadows.

A further £6.5m will be invested in a subsequent phase of the project by Centerprise, which intends to start recruiting the first staff in early summer. Many of the jobs will be for highly skilled techies, working in research and development.

The Welsh economic development minister, Andrew Davies, said: "I am delighted that we have been able to assist Centerprise with their investment in Wales. These new jobs show that the emphasis we have been putting on attracting quality jobs to all parts of Wales is paying off. I look forward to the new workers taking up their posts later in the year."

Founded in 1983, Centerprise boasts an annual turnover in excess of £100m. Customers for its PCs include the Ministry of Defence, the Treasury and the NHS.

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