Walmart to integrate Shopify to boost its Walmart Marketplace assortment

The move could give small and medium-sized businesses a big distribution boost.

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Walmart said that it is partnering with Shopify to add small businesses to its Walmart Marketplace of third-party sellers.

In a blog post, Walmart said Shopify will give it access to more than 1 million businesses and third-party sellers. Walmart said the integration with Shopify will focus on US small businesses.

For Walmart, Shopify can help the company diversify its selection on its shopping network. Walmart said that growing its marketplace is a strategic priority and it will start with adding 1,200 Shopify sellers this year.

In the first quarter, Walmart's US e-commerce business showed growth of 74% and the company noted "growth in marketplace outpaced the overall business even as first-party sales were strong."

On Walmart's first quarter earnings call, CEO Doug McMillion said "we want to drive this e-commerce business and the marketplace that goes with it as aggressively as we can."

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