Want a decent internship salary? You want to work for these companies

Not all internships equate to slave labor -- in the right companies, base pay can reach thousands of dollars.

The joy of internships. Stereotypically involving the coffee run and menial jobs, sometimes unpaid work is necessary to get your foot in the door, meet contacts, and sometimes you may even be lucky enough to secure a position at the company in the future. 

However, when fresh from university and with debt dragging behind you, the low or unpaid aspect of internships can be daunting. But for interns in the U.S., the outlook may not be so bleak -- as a number of companies will pay something towards your living costs. 

Glassdoor has compiled a list of 25 companies that offer the best salaries for their interns. Unsurprisingly, a number of those that top the list are tech companies based in San Francisco. 

The average intern on Glassdoor makes between $2,400 and $3,100 per month, and while the average household income in the U.S. according to U.S. Census Bureau data is $53,046, some of the country's tech interns are earning much more if they work a full year. 

When it comes to technology companies, SF Bay Area-based Palantir Technologies takes the top spot, offering its interns an average monthly base pay of $7,012, followed by VMWare at $6,966. In third, Twitter's interns can expect to earn $6,791 a month, while LinkedIn and Facebook offer interns $6,230 and $6,213 respectively. 

For the full top 25 best-paying company list for interns, check out the infographic below. 


25 Highest Paying Companies for Interns.jpg

Image credit: Flickr | Glassdoor

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