Want a greener server? Build your own

Meterologist Anthony Watts slashed his power bills by switch to customized blade servers. His company Build-a-Blade wants to help you do the same.

Meteorologist Anthony Watts was so successful at squeezing down the electricity consumption for his company's weather graphics rendering farm that he decided to start selling the design used by Intelliweather's systems to other companies hoping to cut their power bills.

His company, called Build-a-Blade, creates customizable servers that use roughly one-third the power of traditional systems that you might buy from a tier-one hardware vendor.

The center of the design is Mini-ITX boards that use about 25 watts of power; the power supply is placed outside so that there is more flexibility about the power that can be used (AC versus DC) and so that they can use standard power supplies.

"The weakest point of any blade servers if the power supply," Watts said.

The systems also require fewer fans and less air-conditioning, which further helps with energy savings. 

Build-a-Blade is targeting its concept at remote telecommunications applications, digital signage, solar farms -- basically any application that is constrained by power consumption concerns.

Here's some more about the company's concept: