​Want an IT job? Then best get some Docker skills

The growing interest in container technology has been mirrored by a jump in job openings for IT professionals with Docker expertise.

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In a testament to the soaring popularity of containers, Docker skills, which a year ago hovered on the periphery of hirers' consciousness, now sit at the centre.

A list of the 500 IT skills and job titles most cited by UK recruiters show roles involving Docker have moved up 317 places from 12 months ago to the number two slot today. Only software development skills are mentioned more often.

That growth in demand for Docker represents an almost 10-fold, or 991 percent, increase over the period.

Typical salaries for those with expertise in the container technology have also jumped, according to an analysis of IT Jobs Watch figures by managed cloud company Rackspace.

Average salaries offered for Docker-related jobs are also up - by 28 percent, nearly 21 percent more than the UK national average salary growth over the same period.

Top skills required by firms looking to hire for Docker roles are competencies in Linux, cited by 66 percent, DevOps and Python, both on 60 percent, Puppet with 53 percent, and Agile software development on 52 percent.

Docker is the most popular technology for automating the creation and deployment of apps in containers - a lighter-weight form of virtualisation. The idea is to free developers from software and infrastructure dependencies, cutting costs and creating efficiencies in the process.

Demand for DevOps skills, which according to Rackspace's reading increased by 351 percent between 2013 and 2014, is still showing growth over the past year, with permanent roles posted up by 57 percent.

On the downside, DevOps salaries rose by only two percent in the period. Top skills for DevOps engineers are Linux at 86 percent, Puppet on 69 percent, Chef with 57 percent, Python on 53 percent, and AWS on 40 percent.

Demand for the traditional roles of solutions architect, up 12 places, and senior infrastructure engineer, up 31 places, increased by seven percent and 13 percent respectively.

But system administrator roles showed a fall of 10 percent over the same period in 2014, which in turn was down 32 percent from 2013.

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