Want free extra storage space? Agree to Google account security checkup

If you agree to Google's security check, you will be granted extra gigabytes of storage for free.


In light of Internet Safety Day, Google is offering account holders an additional 2GB free storage in return for conducting a security check.

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Announced on the Google Drive blog, the tech giant said the Security Checkup takes two minutes -- but if your account is in order, it can take no longer than 30 seconds. The security check, which includes a review of verification options, phone numbers, backup email and security questions, will "ensure you're making the most of the 24/7 protection you already get from Google," the firm says.

If you complete the Security Checkup by 17 February, Google will give you a permanent 2GB storage addition to your account, which comes with 15GB free as standard.

To complete the checkup, head over to Google's secure account page and first of all, check your recovery information. Once complete, you will pass through a recent activity tab, an option to update your password and finally a list of all apps which have permission to access your Google account.

After passing through the security check, you will see three green checkboxes which confirm you're eligible for the free storage bump. However, it is worth noting that Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Education cannot receive the storage upgrade.


Google says that the storage addition will be granted to everyone who completes the Security Checkup around 28 February, and you will receive an email when the adjustment is complete.

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