Was Ohana the Microsoft kitchen client?

Is there a connection between the entity that is/was Microsoft codename "Ohana" and the forthcoming Microsoft kitchen-client add-on to Windows?

Seattle Times Reporter Brier Dudley has an interesting follow-up to my blog post yesterday on the forthcoming Microsoft kitchen client.

(And just for the record, from what I can tell, the kitchen client isn't a special version of Vista. It's more of a software layer that will "extend" Windows. Think of it being more like the Origami Experience pack for Ultra-Mobile PCs.)

Dudley says Microsoft had a 50-person team working on a kitchen PC/services product that was code-named "Ohana," but that project had fizzled.

Ah! So that's what Ohana is/was. I wrote about Ohana back in December 2006 and called it some kind of Family Center project/product.

I hear the kitchen client project is alive and well. Perhaps it was moved to a different group or team, or morphed from a new Windows SKU into an add-on software layer? The way I'm hearing about it, it definitely would fit in well with Microsoft's overall "software+services" mandate.

Anyone else know more about the past or future of Ohana and/or Microsoft's Kitchen client?


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