Watch daredevil cross Chinese grand canyon on high wire

Barefooted American Dean Potter spent Earth Day precariously balancing 6,000 feet above earth, with no safety gear - just a set of headphones delivering calming music.

Dean Potter doesn't look down. (Screen grab from YouTube video).

Today's one of those days when I wander slightly off the energy beat here on SmartPlanet.

I stumbled across the video below of American daredevil Dean Potter who spent Earth Day (last Sunday) crossing the 5,905-foot high Enshin Grand Canyon in central China barefooted on a "slackline." Good thing Potter didn't stumble.

A  slackline is like a tightrope, but it bounces more, making it that much more difficult to sustain footing. Potter had no net below. I'll count a set of headphones delivering calming music as his only safety gear. Not that he didn't come close to plunging to earth. Have a look (the video gives you an option to skip any opening advertisement):

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