Watch electronics that stretch like skin

A Japanese Spandex-maker is developing the world's first elastic, stretchable electronic cord. It's called Roboden.
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A Japanese Spandex-maker is moving into electronics. Popular Science reports Asahi Kasei Fibers developed the world's first electronic cord that stretches like skin.

It's called Roboden. And it can apparently stretch by a factor of 1.5 just like skin, according to DigiInfo.tv. The material could be used to make power cords or USB data cables (though, it's unclear when such products will go on sale).

Roboden may be the key to making robots more flexible and human-like, essentially freeing up the robot's range of motions.

Or you can always try making the robots soft to begin with like Harvard's George Whitesides did.

Besides Spandex, other researchers have been working with materials that also stretch like skin. For instance, a group of U.S. researchers demonstrated that it's possible to create a flexible circuit with sensors. Also recently, researchers at Nokia and the University of Cambridge created a flexible circuit board that can stretch up to 20 percent of its regular length.

Pretty soon, gadgets may be worn as clothes -- and will likely be a lot less structured.

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