Watch out for outdated mobile software

New application and operating system vulnerabilities for mobile devices are emerging on average every 1.6 days, according to research by security company Mobilisafe.

Security management company Mobilisafe suggested this week that small and midsize businesses can dramatically improve the security of their IT infrastructure simply by making sure mobile devices are kept updated.

The finding is from Mobilisafe's study of SMB security issues related to mobile devices, which I wrote about a few weeks ago.

The company's research analyzed more than 134 different mobile operating system and application vulnerability. It found that a majority of the devices considered for its research, 71 percent, had some sort of security hole related to these vulnerabilities. What's more, new threats are emerging once every 1.6 days, four times faster than in 2011, said Giri Sreenivas, CEO and founder of Seattle-based Mobilisafe.

"We also discovered that SMB managers are having trouble keeping up with the risks being reported," Sreenivas said.

One way to address these holes quickly is to keep the firmware and applications on mobile devices updated regularly, according to Mobilisafe. So, if your company supports the concept of bring your own device (BYOD), it might want to embrace a policy that requires regular updates -- or mobile devices will be shut out of the corporate network.

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