Watch Team USA in Women's World Cup Final this Sunday on your Sprint phone

See how you can cheer on Team USA as it faces Team Japan in the Women's World Cup in Germany this Sunday -- on your Sprint phone.
Written by Gloria Sin, Inactive

After a decisive 3-1 win over France in the Semi-Finals, Team USA is just one win away from claiming the FIFA Women's World Cup in Germany this Sunday. While we're all for cramming into a noisy bar to support our team as it faces Team Japan in the Final, it isn't the only way for fans to tune in. Luckily for Sprint customers, they will have the option of catching the game live on their smartphones at 2:15 EDT July 17.

Sprint will be live-steaming this Final match at no extra cost for customers with the unlimited Web, text and voice plan ($70 per month + $10 smartphone fee), which is accessible through the SprintTV & Movies app preloaded on most Sprint phones. It will be broadcasting ESPN's feed of the game.

For those uninitiated on watching live-streams on their Sprint phones, here are some steps you should take before Sunday to get your phone game-ready:

  1. Go to the Android Market and search for  "Watch ESPN". Once you locate it, download and install the app on your phone.
  2. You will also be prompted to download the "Adobe AIR" app. Install it as well.
  3. Open the "SprintTV & Movies" app on your smartphone.
  4. Click on the tab that says "LiveTV".
  5. Click on the "ESPN Mobile TV" channel. You should be able to watch whatever that ESPN is broadcasting at the moment. If  that's the case, then your phone is all set for the big game on Sunday.

It's entirely possible the Final match will be too frustrating to enjoy on your 3G phone on Sunday due to all the people tuning in at the same time, though 4G users may have better luck. My advice would be to park yourself at the best cellular signal you can find -- hopefully that is also close to a power outlet in case your phone's battery dies mid-game. You can never be too prepared!

How will you be cheering on Team USA on Sunday? Share with us in the comments below.

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