Watson Analytics Pro rolls out with added database, collaboration support

Watson Analytics Professional also comes with connectors to cloud storage providers Box and Dropbox.


IBM has rolled out a professional edition of Watson Analytics, the company's cloud-based analytics service based on the Watson cognitive computing platform.

The professional edition comes with several upgrades IBM has been promising since it launched the commercialized analytics service last year, including increased collaboration capabilities, expanded database support and connectors to cloud storage providers.

In terms of collaboration, IBM says the pro edition allows multiple users to work on one dataset within Watson Analytics. For more database interoperability, IBM added support for data from DB2, IBM dbDash, IBM SQL Database for Bluemix and Cognos 10.

Watson Analytics Professional users also gain the ability to upload spreadsheets from cloud storage providers Dropbox and Box. IBM is also expanding the Twitter data hose in the pro edition, giving users access to 50,000 tweets per dataset.

At a price of $80 per user, per month, Watson Analytics Pro is the most costly of the three available analytics options, but it's still within the reach of small businesses. And with 100 GB of storage plus the added capabilities, it is by far the most robust.

In addition to the free version of the cloud-based analytics software, which comes with 500 MB of storage, IBM also offers Watson Analytics Personal, which supports 2 GB of storage for $30 per month.

Since its release in December, IBM says more than 40,000 people have registered for and are using Watson Analytics.