Watson wins Jeopardy quiz show

IBM's supercomputer has beaten its human competitors at Jeopardy in its second match of the US quiz show, using question-answering technology

IBM's Watson supercomputer ultimately proved to be too much for the humans on the US quiz show Jeopardy.

Watson IBM Jeopardy

Watson beat its human competitors at the quiz show, seen here in a practice round. Photo credit: Caroline McCarthy/CNET News

Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, two of the most successful players on Jeopardy, played on the quiz show against IBM's computer in the second match of the game. Jennings' final answer of "Bram Stoker" also had a handwritten note, saying "I for one welcome our new computer overlords".

The two-day totals highlighted the extent of the victory for Watson, which uses question-answering technology. IBM's Watson had $77,147 (£47,842) at the end of two days; Jennings had $24,000; and Rutter finished with $21,600.

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