Waze recruits Android testers for new beta program

Waze is inviting fans to become part of a 'small, qualitative and influential' group of testers to get early access to the latest version of its Android app.

Image: Waze

Waze, the Israel-based startup acquired by Google last year, is recruiting Android users for a beta program that will let them roadtest new features destined for the community navigation app.

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The Google-owned company announced the new beta program on its community forum yesterday, inviting Android owners to become guinea pigs for the app.

Waze uses information shared among users to provide traffic alerts, police presence, and petrol station price data among other elements.

Joining the program will give community members early access to the latest version of the app as well as a chance to help the company find bugs and suggest ways to improve the app.

The device bar has been set low, so anyone running Android 2.2 and up with a screen resolution of at least 320x480 pixels can join.

But Waze notes testers will need to be responsive, as well having some technical sense and the ability to give feedback in English. In return, members get "a chance to win some awesome swag".

To join, participants need sign up and complete their online community profile, and sign a participating agreement.

Google acquired the navigation startup for around $1bn in June last year and despite some concern it would fold the company’s technology into its own mapping business, it has so far kept it a distinct operation.

However, Google quickly integrated some Waze features into its own maps, while Waze added Street View satellite imagery to its Map Editor, as well as Google Search for its Android and iOS maps.

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