We love the Web - Dell

Dell has reiterated that it expects the Web to account for half its sales by the year 2000.

On a visit to London, Dell's online director, Scott Eckert, said the company is already selling about $5m (£3.08m) worth of equipment a day over the Web. Eckert said sales are going to the full gamut of customer types - from home users to large corporations.

Eckert said one of the next key challenges was to match up more corporations with private transaction sites, bolstering a policy already in place with hundreds of top customers across the world. He also plans to add more support capabilities online.

Perhaps surprisingly, Gordon Ballantyne, Dell's director for the Internet group in Europe, said the company's sales followed the same curve world-wide, even where Internet connectivity was low. For example, sales to France are healthy despite slow Web take-up.

Ballantyne also pledged to offer more low-price, Web-only deals as Dell cuts costs in time spent on voice calls.