​Wearables: An all-body network of marketing pitches?

Chief marketing officers may want to start planning for the wearable revolution by pondering how they can use the data and then pitch you.


Wearables are reaching a consumer tipping point, have business impact and chief marketing officers need to prepare to reach customers with micro moments that will come courtesy of body networks, according to Forrester Research. .

Just. Shoot. Me.

Forrester's take on wearables---delivered at the LeWeb conference---isn't crazy. Wearables have hit the 10 percent penetration mark and the Apple Watch is on deck. Enterprises will have to deal with wearables either for delivering services, coming up with new models, payments and managing workers.

Where things get interesting is Forrester's argument for the "all-body network" and marketing potential. Forrester said:

Wearables will fuse disparate functions of multiple devices to create an all-body network that receives a variety of inputs and then acts on them.

That network will allow for a lot of marketing.

Forrester added:

Over the next decade, CMOs will increasingly be able to cull data from across the all-body network to create new customer experiences --- some of which are delivered directly on the wearable device, while others are delivered around it. CMOs who are already focusing on the age of the customer can expect an even more deeply connected era in which their reach into customers' lives extends further than ever before.

This wearable revolution will reveal who you are, where you are, what you need and how you're feeling. Marketers start your engines with pitches and wait for the reaction!