Weathermob, "Waze for weather" app acquired by Weathernews

The popular iOS crowdsourced weather app, Weathermob has been acquired by Weathernews, the 'Weather Channel' of Japan for an undisclosed sum.

Weathermob, the Boston-based social weather company announced that it has been acquired by Weathernews, Japan. The company intends to "create a leading social weather prediction platform for highly accurate forecasts using on-the-ground weather observation and reporting".

Weathermob, "Waze for weather" app acquired by Weathernews ZDNet

Weathernews Japan has already validated the crowdsourced weather data model and is looking to increase its global reach.

The Weathermob acquisition will give it enough global critical mass to generate accurate weather data through integration of its datasets and user-centric weather reporting.

The release of the Sunnycomb app for iOS and Android in 2013 was the company's first foray into the global consumer market beyond Japan.

Weathermob, "Waze for weather" app acquired by Weathernews ZDNet

Weathermob has been building the world's largest weather community with users in 140 countries.

It aims to bring deeper weather data from people who are experiencing the weather first hand across geographies.

Through social sharing, Weathermob has made anyone with an iPhone into a weather reporter and has been gathering a large dataset.

Weather and climate data is an enormous and important business that extends far beyond the traditional forecast arena and dominates economies, let alone lives.

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A 2011 report from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) found that finance, manufacturing, agriculture and every other economic sector are sensitive to changes in the weather, and may add up to as much as $485B in the US alone.

The Weathermob app has been downloaded over 400,000 times. There are over 100,000 monthly active users, with an average of six minute session times on the app.

Tomohiro Ishibashi, Director of Weathernews said: "Weathernews has been very successful because weather forecasts are based on users' uploaded reports, comments and photos - providing excellent real-time information and when partnered with Weathermob, provides extremely reliable forecasts that are even more accurate than the national weather bureaus' forecasts."

Julia LeStage, founder and CEO, Weathermob said: "The Weathermob 'weather army' of users is a powerful source of information.

Weather models for forecasts need data, and with Weathermob now working with Weathernews we can continue to help create and collect that data and fill in many of the gaps in the world's weather system together."

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