Web kiosks help job hunters on the high street

In a new trial, people in six UK regions will be able to use free Internet kiosks to look for work and access a range of other services

Jobseekers can now search for work while they shop, using government-introduced Internet kiosks that are appearing in high streets across the country.

The stand-alone 'I+' kiosks use touch screen technology to connect to the government's worktrain Web site, allowing jobseekers to search for a job as part of their daily routine.

The kiosks are free to use, and are currently on trial in major towns and cities including Bath, Bristol, London, Manchester, Reading and Newcastle. They allow users to search for information on which vacancies are available in the area and nationwide.

In addition to searching for a job, users can also find information on local government, transport and entertainment.

The trial will last for six months. If successful, the kiosks could become a permanent fixture in high streets.

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