Web responds to Diana's death

Shocked Netizens were on the Web Sunday reacting to the death of Britain's Princess Diana.

While the Royal Family's Web site allows email messages to be sent to the queen, repeated attempts to connect failed, suggesting heavy traffic.

As of 10:10 AM PDT, an AltaVista search showed there were more than 400 Usenet postings related to the tragedy, which also claimed the life of Dodi Fayed, the Princess's companion, and the chauffeur of the car. The posts came from a wide variety of sites, from alt.talk.royalty to rec.antiques.marketplace.

Buckingham Palace posted several brief statements online on Sunday, including an announcement that the state palaces would be closed to the public on Sunday and Monday, as well as on the day of Princess Diana's funeral.

Besides news sites, several sites put out information lists for newspaper coverage and Royal Family Web information, such as the one at netlondon.com.