Webcast debates SMB online marketing priorities

Wondering how to organize your digital marketing and social media strategy? Join us for a ZDNet Webcast, "Top 10 Online Marketing Tips for Small Business."
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor on

Any given day, I receive at least one public relations pitch for a new digital, mobile or social media marketing technology or platform that seems compelling, innovative or truly viable.

Just a few days ago, for example, I spoke with Ben Jabbawy, CEO  of Boston-based Privy, a site that automates promotions that can be run either on your own Web site or their Facebook page. This is a twist on the daily deals concept that uses analytics to suggest promotions that have worked for businesses like your own, without forcing your company to undercut its prices. (A big criticism of the daily deals model.)

Privy has been testing its concept and plans a public launch toward the end of March. An example of how a small business might use the platform comes from Pure Hair Design, a hair salon in the Boston area that used Privy to appeal to potential new patrons without completely undercutting its prices. Using Privy, the owners were able to customize a promotion (instead of being stuck with the generic terms of many big-name platforms). The message was sent out on email, via Facebook and Twitter, and included on the company's Web site. Two weeks later, Pure Hair Design had developed 14 viable new customer leaders, and it had earned $560 from the promotion, which took minutes to create.

There is plenty of innovation happening in the digital marketing space, and I can only imagine the dilemma of the small-business owner in assessing all these options. For the first time, cost-effective marketing options are within his or her reach. But which represent the best approach for your unique business model or business?

I'll be discussing ideas for how small businesses can organize their online marketing priorities later this week with ZDNet Managing Editor Josh Gingold on a live Webcast, "The Top 10 Online Marketing Tips for Small Business."

Let's be clear, we're not going to recommend specific platforms you should use -- although we'll talk about ones you might want to consider along the way. Our intention is to help small businesses get a better handle on which platforms or options might be most appropriate. Because focus and persistence are key to any successful marketing strategy.

Register now for the hour-long live event on Thursday, Feb. 23, at 4:00 PM Eastern. If that time isn't convenient, be sure to check back for the archived discussion a few days after the event.

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