Webinar: 7 strategies to get more done, save time, and make money

On March 20, ZDNet held an hour-long webinar that showed how small businesses can use technology to be more productive.

When it comes to doing business, we're all looking for ways to do what we do better. Anything that can give us a competitive edge is a good thing. We need to get smarter, we need to embrace technology and we need to find ways to be more productive. But it is easier said than done.

On March 20, two of the best known names in the small business and entrepreneurial world, Andrew Griffiths and Tim Reid, shared their thoughts in a free webinar.

This session we will looked at:

  • Identifying where you leak time and money: we have to know what the problems are before we can fix them
  • Investing time in the process of getting smarter
  • Using five minute increments incredibly well
  • Making it easier to get paid
  • The importance of streamlining communication
  • Using five game-changing apps
  • Using technology to make you more money